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Founded in 2014, with offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Zank & Co. is one of Australia’s fastest growing wealth management companies specialising in Mortgage Fund, and other fixed return fund.


Zank & Co. is able to provide a range of commercial, home and personal finance solutions for our clients. We take pride in our client focused approach, by listening to their needs we are able to gain a deeper understanding of the risks involved. It is through funding these projects which allows Zank & Co to offer our investors a premium product with a fixed-return or semi-fixed-return product.


Our team has extensive experience within the banking and finance industry with strong ties to China. Combining our advanced diversified investment strategy with a strict risk control Zank and Co. continuously strives to create and accumulate wealth for our global clients.


We provide our investors with the opportunity to create a better high quality diversified portfolio by accessing market segments they would otherwise be unable to reach alone.

Pooled Mortgage Fund

Our Pooled Mortgage Fund aims to provide our investors with a stable and predictable return. The fund invests in a wide range of loans secured by first and second mortgages located around Australia. Investing in this fund allows our investors to enjoy a diversified portfolio of investment loans secured by mortgages.

Melbourne Office Address

Level 2, 115 Collins St,?Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: +61 3-8669-1855

Sydney Office Address

3503 Level 35, 31 Market Street,?Sydney NSW 2000,?Australia

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